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Public Health England registration

If you have any questions about antibody / antigen test kits, medical test equipment, PPE, etc., please contact us.


As of 16th of April 2021, TMC WorldNetwork (Director: Dr Terashima) has been accepted & recognized as a partner by the UK government for National Microbiology Framework. 

Public Health England: Announcement
Publication reference: 2021/S 000-008137
Publication date: 16 April 2021

What is National Microbiology Framework?
The framework is a government program to partner up with suppliers who provide diagnostics, research and development, manufacturing of supplies and services and provision of laboratory testing capacity for a new national microbiology framework.

The framework, which is being set up in collaboration with the Department for Health and Social Care and the Cabinet Office, will allow greater commercial collaboration and is divided into the following four lots: Diagnostics, Research and development, Manufacturing (suppliers are invited to bid to manufacture diagnostic or therapeutic products), and Laboratory capacity.
Framework agreements can last for a period of up to four years and will be open to all UK public sector bodies including Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health Wales, Public Health Scotland, NHS authorities and trusts, special health authorities and local authorities, plus academic and charitable organisations.

TMC’s Role in this Framework
We will be supporting Lot 1 for the supply of in-vitro diagnostic medical devices and associated services including equipment, consumables, maintenance, and peripheral equipment and associated services.



Biocredit Covid-19 Detection Kit


BIOCREDIT COVID-19 Ag is a lateral flow immunochromatography test that uses a dual color system. A colloidal gold conjugate pad and membrane strip precoated with an antibody specific for the SARS-CoV-2 antigen are located on the test line (T). If the SARS-CoV-2 antigen is present in the sample, a line will appear on the test line (T) due to the formation of an antibody-antigen-antibody gold conjugate complex.


The THE BDP MASK® is made with an organic ingredient that allows microbes to consume the material in landfills, oceans and soil, leaving behind only natural remnants.

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