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About Us

Welcome to TMC WorldNetwork, the solutions of all of your problems. 

At TMC, we provide comprehensive one stop advice & consulting service - by experts in the fields - to meet the various needs of companies operating in the dynamic business environment. 

Our services range from Company Setup Service to HR, Legal, Accountancy, as well other services that can be tailored in accordance to your business needs.


Our Mission
To provide comprehensive assistance for Japanese companies to grow and develop their businesses in the UK and Europe. We are committed to play a role in raising Japanese businesses capacity to compete on a global scale.

Who We Are
We are a Business Consultancy company focusing in Multinational Japanese Corporate clients. We provide services to be tailor made according to your business needs. 

Our team has been extensively engaged in all kinds of problem solving issues, and has been successfully assisting Japanese corporate clients as a Perfect Group's (formerly Pasona Europe) corporate consultants.

In January 2018, TMC Worldnetwork was established as a separate and independent company, that is working in collaboration with Perfect Ltd. and GTC Ltd., Japan, as well as with our network of experts in their fields. 

Today, TMC WorldNetwork is the hub for our clients UK and European operations. Our global team and network partners hold a vast amount of knowledge and experience, experts in their line of work, that can assist you in many aspects of operational and support matters.

We offer hassle free assistance in a variety of services; from Company Setup, HR, Health & Safety, Legal, Accountancy, Payroll, expat services, and many other areas, depending on your needs.

If you are a new company planning to setup an operation in the UK and rest of Europe, Japan and the US, we provide services from company setup services, employee handbook creations, finding offices, managing payroll, tax, legal, etc.

We are a networks of specialists that cater your exact needs, to help your company to thrive in the UK & Europe. 

So, whether you are a Starting Company, or an established one, we can help you overcome any problems / difficulties, so you can focus on running your business smoothly.


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代表:寺島 周一
Dr Shuichi Terashima

Dr Terashima completed his Ph.D. in Social Sciences (Welfare Psychology) at the University of Portsmouth, UK. He is involved in community care projects for people with intellectual disabilities in the southern district of the UK.

Engaged in all kinds of problem solving for Japanese companies in Europe as a corporate consultant. In 2018, he split his consulting business and established TMC WorldNetWork. Currently, he is working with Perfect ltd. and GTC ltd. as a bridge between Europe and Japan.

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Meet The Team

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Corporate Advisor

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Dr. Shuichi Terashima

Managing Director

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Hiroyuki Shichijo

DX & Marketing Advisor

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